Commercial Painters, Parramatta

Are you looking for a commercial painter to make your office building more vibrant? Or maybe you're looking to make your business attract more customers with a custom paint job?

Parramatta Painters offers a wide array of painting services that involve commercial places. Is your goal to attract customers to your shop or building? Or are you looking more into functional paint for your industrial plant? Our commercial painters have solutions ready for you.

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Exterior photo of a commercial building complex located in Ryde, NSW
Commercial painter in Parramatta spray painting corrugated fencing

Commercial Painting Services

Our list of commercial services can include the following below:

Exterior Painting

Do you have a shop or a small office building that needs to be painted? We have the manpower and the skills needed to be able to make your potential customers look and be amazed at the unique colours of your shop.

Hotel Remodeling Painting

If you own a hotel and want to change the interior's overall theme, our painters can make that happen no matter the scale of the task.

Decorative or Logo Painting

Recreating logo colours from paper to paint can be challenging, especially since it must be exact to the original design. But with our experience in colour-matching paints, this is not a problem.

Church Painting

Are you hoping to repaint your community church and restore it like new? Contact us, and we can make it happen for you. We offer both interior and exterior painting of any sized church.

Aluminium Siding Painting

Aluminium sidings are one of the most challenging materials to paint in a home that decides to use them, as the coat of paint must be applied evenly throughout its surface, which could be difficult because of its uneven surface. Luckily, we have experienced painters that can achieve exactly that.

Industrial Painting

Before starting your commercial painting project, however, it is important to note that we also offer industrial painting services when your building requires function over form. If the building you want to be painted requires that the paint last longer than it should look pretty, then industrial painting is what you need.

This type of paint is often used in factory plants or production facilities that do not need to attract customers. In these cases, heavy-duty paint can be used to paint the structure's exterior and interior.

Industrial paint is more durable and able to withstand harsh weather or environments that would normally chip away with regular commercial paint over time.

Unlike standard commercial paint that uses latex, industrial paint is applied with an oil base, causing the finished paint job to have a longer-lasting coat despite taking it longer for oil paint to dry.